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How well do you know Descendants 1?!

How well do you know Descendants 1?!

This quiz is determining how well you know Descendants! Turn your smart cinema brain on, and get ready to FAIL! Just kidding, you'll probably get it mostly right!

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You May Get Result Of How well do you know Descendants 1?!

Dude, you have to either WATCH or RE-WATCH the movie! Because obviously you have NO idea what you are talking about!
Okay, so I think you may have fallen asleep 7 times during the movie, but at least you know SOME!
Great job, you did pretty well, but if you really want to get it down then watch it just ONE more time and you will be a KNOW-IT-ALL! (At least, on Descendants!)
Wow, just wow! Congratulations, you are now, a Descendants 1 CRA-CRA KNOW-IT-ALL!

Quiz Questions And Answers

What does the statue of Ben's father, do when Ben claps his hands?

Change into 'The Beast'!
Change into a dog, that's why it scared Carlos (Duhhhhhh!)
Do nothing! (A statue can NOT change shape!)

What colour is Mal's eyes?

Blue, definitely blue!
Purple, the colour of evil!
Green... I think.

What are the FOUR main characters?

Ben, Uma, Mal, Evie!
Ben, Mal, Evie, Maleficent!
Mal, Carlos, Uma, Evie!
Mal, Carlos, Evie, Jay!

Does Mal, EVER become nice/Good?

No, she is EVIL by heart, AND by blood!
Maybe... I'm not sure!
Yes, I think!

Who is Dizzy?

No one, there is NO ONE named that!
It's like a dog, I think, oh yeah, it's Carlos's dog!
Umm, isn't that the name of Ben's dad!

What is Carlos's dogs name?

Ummmmm, NO idea!
Didn't even know he had one!
I think, Guy!
Umm, Dude! (I think)


Maybe, I've never watched the movie!
No, At least I don't think so, so my answer is "No"

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How well do you know Descendants 1?! : Test Trivia

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