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What colour do you look best in? (For girls!)

What colour do you look best in? (For girls!)

This quiz determines what colour you should wear more often! It's not always your favourite colour even if you wish it was! Get ready to go shopping for clothes as soon as you get your answer! (And as soon as COVID-19 is gone!)

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Slight tan!
Deep Tan!
My hair colour is Brown! ( Answer for all people with all sorts of colours of brown!)
My hair colour is BLACK!
My hair colour is blonde! (Answer for people with all sorts of colours of blonde hair!)
My hair colour is Red! (Answer for all people with different colours of red hair!)
My hair colour is... white! (Lucky duck that's SUPER rare!)
Wavy! ^^^^^ (That's SUPPOSED to be waves!)
Straight, I mean seriously It does not even become curly when I use a curling iron on it! O:
SUPER curly, you don't even want to know how long it takes to brush my hair in the morning! O:
Slightly, Curly! It only takes 5 minutes to brush MY hair! (Sorry SUPER curly girl!)
Slight waves! I just want straight hair! Is that to much to ask?! O:
Blue! (Like the OCEAN!)
Green! Like, well Moss!
Brown! (Like wood, or as my brothers say, "Poop!" SO NOT true!)
Red Or Orange!
Yellow Or Green!
Blue Or Purple!
Pink Or Gold!
Black Or White Or Grey!

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What colour do you look best in? (For girls!) : Test Trivia

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