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Am I a great, bad, in-between, or amazing Best friend?

Am I a great, bad, in-between, or amazing Best friend?

This quiz determines wether you are an in-between, or higher, or lower best friend! I hope you get the answer you are looking for! ( :

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You May Get Result Of Am I a great, bad, in-between, or amazing Best friend?

Sadly, your results show that, well, your not the best friend you thought you were, but hey "Thats SUPER okay!" Now you know that you need to work on being a better friend!
Your results are So-So! You maybe aren't the BEST friend, but you are still a good friend! Just keep working on becoming a better one, and I assure you, you will have an AMAZING relationship if you do
Your results have shown that, you are a really good friend, but even if you are a really good friend, you still should work on becoming an even better friend! When you think you've evolved, come back!
You don't need to change a SINGLE thing about you! You are an AMAZING best friend, if you keep being an AMAZING best friend, I assure you you will have so many best friends!

Quiz Questions And Answers

What is your personality?

Funny, and kind!
Kinda boring, but cool, and popular!
Sweet, but kind of selfish!

Do you share special objects?

Yes, always!
Only if they are semi special!
I only share my non-special stuff!
Never, I do not share my stuff, with others!

Do you try to hang out as much as possible?

Of course, I mean he/she is my BEST friend!
Most of the time!

What do you always want to do, when you are hanging out?

Go the mall!
Hang out in a pool!
Play games, and make crafts!

What sacrifices do you make?

I use my screen time to call!
I put off a night with my BF(or) GF and hang out!
I come to their house when the are feeling down, even if I'm not allowed, even if I could get in trouble!
I make no sacrifices what so ever!

Do you talk about your best friend behind their back?

Yes, she/he is so weird so I HAVE to!
A little!
Not even a little bit, because that is super mean!
I gossip a lot but not as much as: A LOT!

Do you hang out with another person more than your best friend? (Family members not included)

No. I would never think to do that!
Sometimes, but that's because I have other friends too!
A lot, because I don't like hanging out with her/him!
Barely EVER!

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Am I a great, bad, in-between, or amazing Best friend? : Test Trivia

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