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Outlander Quiz | How much do you know about Outlander? Netflix Quiz

Outlander Quiz | How much do you know about Outlander? Netflix Quiz

Outlander is a historical drama being watched on Netflix. It is based on the novel series by Diana Gabaldon. It shows Claire, a war nurse traveling time past 200 years where she meet Jamie Fraser. And their love story begins with ups and downs, traveling continents and timeframes. Answer the questions to see how carefully you watched the series Outlander.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Who are the two main characters in Outlander?

Claire and Jamie
Gaielis and Dougal
Brianna and Roger
Frank and Roger

What year does the drama begin in?


In what year did Claire finds herself traveled back to Scotland?


What place is she escorted to upon her arrival in Scotland?

Castle in Lallybroch
Castle of Leoch

What MacKenzies believes about Claire and following that decided to lock down her in the Castle?

She is a witch
She is an English Spy
She is an Alien
A captive who might have fled

Who were Claire's husbands?

Roger and Jamie
Dougal and jamie
Dougal and Jack Randall
Frank and Jamie

What was Jamie's full name?

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser
Dougal Alexander Malcom Fraser
Dougal Alexander Malcom MacKenzie
Jamie Brian Fraser MacKenzie

Why do Claire and Jamie marry?

They were in love
To protect Claire from Randall
To protect clan MacKenzie
She is pregnant

Who is Jenny?

Randall's Wife
Claire's Daughter
Jamie's Sister
Dougal's Dughter

Who was Jamie's Godfather?

Brian Fraser
Dougal MacKenzie
Roger MacKenzie
Murtugh Fraser

How Murtagh rescue Jamie from Wentworth prison? [ Outlander Quiz]

Dressing and posing as Randall
Cattle attack on prison
Posing as a Hangman
Attacking prison with canons

What was the name of Jamie-Claire's stillborn baby?


Who is Fergus?

Jamie's first child
A pickpocket adopted and raised by Claire and Jamie
Jamie's nephew
Frank Randall's son

What the French King make Claire do to free Jamie? [ Outlander Quiz]

Find out who is guilty among the two suspected "sorcerers" and sleep with him
Divorce Jamie and Marry him
Heal his sickness
Leave France

Were Jamie and Claire successful in stopping the Jacobite rebellion and change history?

Yes, Jamie was able to change the Jacobites' mind
No, The rebellion did happened and Jamie had to fight from English side
No, Jamie participated in the rebellion from Jacobite's side
There was no Jacobite rebellion at all

How did Claire and other's traveled through stones? [ Outlander Quiz]

By receiting a verse
By using gold
By using precious stone
By using human blood

What Jamie use to call Claire affectionately? [ Outlander Quiz]

Lady of the Laird
Lady Broch Tuarach

What was the name of Highlander rebels? [ Outlander Quiz]


What did little Jamie carved on the cherrywood snake? [ Outlander Quiz]


How was Roger and Geillis Duncan related? [ Outlander Quiz]

Roger was Geillis Duncan's son.
Roger was descendant of Geillis and Dougal's son.
They were not related to each other.
Roger was the grandson of Geillis Duncan's son.

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Outlander Quiz | How much do you know about Outlander? Netflix Quiz : Test Trivia

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