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How Many Shades Of Grey Are You? Quiz

How Many Shades Of Grey Are You? Quiz

How Many Shades Of Grey Are You? Quiz Are you more like Ana or Christian when it comes to relationships? Take this quiz to know how many shades of grey you are.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Lights on
Lights off
Lights or no lights doesn't matter to me!
Tie up a friend
Get a friend to tie you up
Oh yes, i'd love it
I prefer to be the one doing the blindfolding.
I prefer to see what's going on.
I love it
I hate it
I don't care
Once and twice
A few
Very often
Not really
Handcuff someone
Be handcuffed
My neck.
My ear.
My forehead.
You know where!
Yes, all the time
Only in the bedroom.
No, i hate it.
I'd rather boss people around
I'm whatever the situation calls for me to be.
Baby Daddy Sister Mother
Bondage Dominance Submission Masochism
Bandage Dominate Submit Manpower
I have had public sex.
I'm willing to try it!
I'm too private for that.

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