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Money Heist Quiz | Netflix Series Money Heist Trivia | How Much Do You Know About Money Heist

Money Heist Quiz, Play the quiz for fun. A heist mastermind who goes by name "The Professor" has a well prepared plan to pull off the biggest heist in recorded history -- He aims to print 204 billions Euros of currency in the Royal Mint of Spain. He believe he is not stealing, but printing his money. The professor hired a gang of robbers, each one proficient in his task to trigger the robbery. Must watch series and must played quiz.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

The Professor
Its about two well-prepared heists led by the Professor, one on the Royal Mint of Spain, and other the Bank of Spain.
Its a cooking show
Its a murder mystery, the professor trying to solve
show on wildlife
Raquel Murillo
Yes they are real brothers
No, they are different characters
No, they are best friends
No, they are cell inmates
Alzheimers Disease
Paranoid Schizophrenia
Congestive heart disease
3 billion euros
2.4 billion euros
5 billion euros
10 billion euros
Álvaro Morte
Sergio Marquina
Salvador Salva Martín
Pedro Alonso
984 Million Euros
1200 Million Euros
25 Million Euros
1010 Million Euros
Gun shot by police
murdered by one of the hostage
Assisted suicide
Gun Shot by police
Killed by friend as act of mercy
Fell from stairs
Professor's wife
Raquel's Sister
Berlin's Girlfriend
Denver's Mother
Not officially confirmed , But it is reported the show had been commissioned for season 5
Season 5 is already on the Netflix

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Money Heist Quiz | Netflix Series Money Heist Trivia | How Much Do You Know About Money Heist : Test Trivia

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