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Am I a good communicator?

Am I a good communicator?

Good communication skills are required to stand out among the crowd, to convey your message clearly, to sell your products and services. In fact in every hemisphere of life. But do you really think you are a good communicator? Find out….

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You May Get Result Of Am I a good communicator?

Listen to yourself, pay heed to others. you will be able to communicate well if you practice. take professional help, listen to motivational speakers. Read good articles.
Push yourself a little more towards an excellent communication. read articles, watch videos to communicate flawlessly. Just a little practice is required.
Practice communication skills a little more and you will be a star communicator. Just a step ahead and no one will stop you from grabbing opportunities and hearts.
Kudos, You communicate well. Communicators like you are welcomed in all hemispheres, liked and trusted by everyone. So, people like you are successful and produce more value. Keep it up!

Quiz Questions And Answers

Before you communicate, do you consider if the other person is interested in your story?

Yes, for me its important if the other is willing to listen
sometimes, If I feel I should be listened, I do not care for their interest
It depends who am I speaking to
No, I need to put my word before anything else

Do you consider balancing the listening and talking loop?

Yes, I let others complete first.
Sometimes, If my discussion seems important I forcibly talk and listen less
No, I want to be heard. will hear them once I am done

While talking do you try to see others’ mood, perspective and time?

Yes, if someone is busy or not in mood, I don't bother them
No, My words should be heard. They can always make their mood

Do you have a specific message to convey?

Yes, I have a store to be told else I prefer to keep quiet
I make tales to keep the conversation going
I just want to talk. I have no message

Do you look in their eyes while talking?

Yes, always
Sometimes, but I find it bit difficult
No, what he/she will think about me
No, I am shy

Do you mind your gestures and body language?

I do take care
I don't know
sometimes, I try to
No, I am bad at this

Do you prefer talking face-to-face or via texts or emails?

Face-to-face always
on chat messengers

Are you ready to adapt the new ideas you are presented?

Yes, I welcome great ideas
Depends, If I am in mood to
no, I am loaded with my own ideas

While talking, is it easy for you to get caught up in escalating conflict?

No, I keep calm even if its a heated conversation
I try but after a certain level I burst
Yes, my most talks end on shouting louder and louder and end in a fight

Do you leave judgement about others?

No, I am completely non judgemental person
at times
always, I judge everyone

Do you feel people really understand what you are trying to say?

Yes, they enjoy my company and the conversation I make
sometimes I feel like they don't
Can't say. I don't try to notice
No, they think I am a blabber. No one takes me seriously.

Are you pessimistic about others if they seem younger or inexperienced to you?

No, I appreciate inputs from everyone irrespective of their age and experience
unable to answer. I don't know my thoughts
Sometimes, I feel experienced insights are required and I am not in mood to filter
Yes, why waste my time on novice chit-chatters

Do you consider cultural or religious barriers while initiating a talk?

No, what religion and culture will hinder my conversation
Yes, they hurt my religious sentiments and blame my culture. So, I ignore talking to them

Are you less likely to accept input from anyone not from your living standard?

Yes, everyone's thoughts matter to me
Can't say
No, why do I need to listen to incompetent people

Do you plan your communication in advance to clearly get your points noted?

Yes always, I try to make people understand the concepts behind my points
yes when I am to speak in public
At times, when I am to attend a meeting to make myself clear
No, they will understand themselves

If there is a state of confusion, do you try to sort things upfront?

Yes, I need clarity
sometimes when I think it will affect majorly
only at workplace
no, I keep it to myself to figure it out later
never, who cares

If you fail to hear what the other person said, do you apologise and ask again?

Yes, I beg their pardon
No, Its their job to clarify

During a complex chat, do you prefer using examples, diagrams, charts etc to convey your message?

Yes, I give real life examples, proper gestures, draw on paper and do anything possible to make sure I am understood
sometimes, at workplace or if its really important
No, why bother myself

Do you repeat your story again and again for it to be understood well?

No, I am not a blabber or story teller
Yes, why he don't get my point. I will keep repeating until he listen to me

If anyone is hurt by your communication, are you sorry?

Always. I don't want to hurt anyone. I my words were harsh I will apologies
sometimes, if he/she start yelling or crying
can't say. depends on who I am talking to
No. Why he/she needs to be so timid

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