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How Should You Volunteer For West Allis Downtown?

How Should You Volunteer For West Allis Downtown?

Are you looking to get involved in the West Allis Community, but don't know where to start? Take this short quiz to find the best volunteer opportunity for you!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Before 6 AM
Between 6 AM and 9 AM
Between 9 AM and 12 PM
After 12 PM
In a Small Group with People I Know
In a Small Group with People I Don't Know
In a Large Group with people I may or may not know
Marketing/ Public Relations
Event Planning
Not Comfortable
Slightly Comfortable (Small Amount, no more than 25 lbs)
Comfortable (Repetitive, no more than 25 lbs)
Very comfortable (Repetitive, more than 25 lbs)
Not comfortable
Slightly comfortable (1 hour tops)
Comfortable (1-3 Hours)
Very Comfortable (3+ hours)

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How Should You Volunteer For West Allis Downtown? : Test Trivia

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