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How Savage Are You? | Am I Savage Quiz

How Savage Are You? | Am I Savage Quiz

How Savage Are You? Quiz Find out just how truly savage you are by taking this quiz. So play the quiz, Am I Savage and find out yours answer. Savage is a brutal or vicious person. So if you are searching Savage meaning then this - The literal meaning of savage is brutal, violent, of an animal-like nature. Do you have so much swag that you\'re about to burst? Or are you just another swagless loser poser person? Check here to figure out how swag you really are!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Answer politely
Look at them confused
Ask them what on earth they are talking about
Be calm & take a deep breath
Give them a subtle warning
Shout at them agrresively so they get it
Pick up the nearest blunt object and launch it at them
At least once or twice a week
A few times a year
Smile and keep quiet
Give an evil stare without commenting
Shout and order him or her to go back
Just once
More than once
Pretend to be oblivious
Cover your nose
Comment to the person next to you how rude the smell is
Go home
Sigh then get over it
Throw a fit then calm down
Pout all night
Very often
Buy another food
Sarcastically ask for the money they owe you
Demand they replace it immediately
Clean it up and don't mention it at all
Whisper to closest colleage what you have encountered
Walk up and down the office demanding whoever it is should go clean it
Very often

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How Savage Are You? | Am I Savage Quiz : Test Trivia

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