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Abbrevations and Acronyms.

Here are ten abbrevation questions to practice ypur skills.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Board of Engg. Ltd.
Bharat Electronics Limited
Board of Enginners and Laweyrs
Bharat Heavy Electrical Ltd.
Standard Trunk Dialling
Standard Divident
Standard Time Definition
Simple tax deduction
Transistor Circuit Prototyping
Transmission Control Protocol
Transistor Circuit Prototyping
Transfer Control Protocol
Test of English Technicals
Thin Film Transistor
Thin film technology
Transistor Fabrication Technology
International Cricket Council
International Chess Champion
Indian Chess Community
Indian Cricket Council
Universal Peace and Social Creation
United People of Social Castes
Union Public Service Commission
Union of People in Service Community
Sudden and Violent Look
Service and Value Leverage
Sum of Lower Value
Sattelite Launching Vehicle
Natural and Artficial Dealings
National Denomination Agency
National Domestic Associates
National Defence Academy
Fianancial Board of Industries
Fedral Beureau of Investigation
Filing Bill for Industrial Products
Fianacial Beureau of Investigation
Limited Liability Company
Limited and Lawful Company
Liability of Later Companies
Limited and Least Corruption

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Abbrevations and Acronyms. : Test Trivia

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