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What Makes Me Happy? Quiz

What Makes Me Happy? Quiz

What Makes Me Happy? Quiz We can tell you what makes you happy! Yes! Doubt it? Take this quiz and see.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Watch movies
I seat and wish my friends were around
Listen to music
Eat at a restaurant
See a new movie
Gist about what everyone's being up to
Go to a concert
Go clubbing with friends
Watch a late night movie
Eat and sleep
What genre of music they love
The best movie they've ever seen
If they are out going
If they know how to cook
Learn how to cook some foreign delicacies
Go on vacation with your family and friends
Learn how to play a music instrument
Call a friend
Listen to music
Eat chocolate
Very often
I rarely make new friends
Karaoke night
Movie night
Hangout with friends
Eat any and everything you see
Listen to sad love music
Lock yourself in the room and cry
Eat ice-cream on your couch and watch movies
Visit the zoo with a couple of friends
Go watch your favorite local band perform live

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