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What Kind Of Friends Do You Have? Quiz

What Kind Of Friends Do You Have? Quiz

What Kind Of Friends Do You Have? Quiz Ever wanted to know exactly what kind of friends you have? Take this quiz and find out!

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Love life
Random gossips
They stop calling and visiting you
They tell you what you did wrong and how upset they are
They act like nothing happened
Great sense of humor
Carefree attitude
Great social skills
Straight forwardness and honesty
Tell my friend
Keep my opinion to myself
I will only tell my friend if he/she asks for my opinion
I will tell my friend only if i think the relationship might truly be unhealthy
Sense of humor
Almost everything
We've never had misunderstanding
We've had misunderstanding a few times
We are always misunderstanding each other
Go see a movie alone
Stay at home and gist with your friends
Go shopping alone
Take a long walk with your friends
Some minutes ago
Some hours ago
A few days ago
Some months ago
Over a year ago
They are always happy for me
They seem indifferent.
They are usually unhappy
I don't really know. I haven't observed them.
They are good
They are bad
My parents haven't met my friends
They are ok
They are the best
They are bad

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What Kind Of Friends Do You Have? Quiz : Test Trivia

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