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How Manly Are You?

How Manly Are You?
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Take this quiz and find out your level of masculinity.

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Quiz Questions And Answers

Apologize even though you're not at fault
Apologize but tell her she's at fault
Let her calm down first then talk things over with her.
Your Gym Instructor
Your Business Partner
Your Girlfriend
Quickly call the mechanic
Stand by the roadside and wave down a car for help
Open the car bonnet and see if you can fix it yourself
Play football with friends
Read a novel
Watch a movie
Side talk about her with your friends
Stare at her until she disappears from sight
Approach her
A couple of minutes
A couple of hours
Lots of hours
Talk about football
Watch football
Play football
Hit the gym
Drink hot chocolate
Lie in bed and cover yourself with blanket
Of course
I'm not sure

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How Manly Are You? : Test Trivia

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