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How well do you know about Antonio Garza Quiz

How well do you know about Antonio Garza Quiz

How well do you know about Antonio Garza Quiz? Answer these questions and find out. Birthday, Birthplace, Sibling, Height and fun loving Questions. Antonio Garza is a Youtuber. What can be more interesting than watching videos on YouTube! We know that you follow many famous Youtubers and Antonio Garza is not unknown to you. Here in this quiz, you will know about this celebrity. Well, Antonio Garza is an American-born YouTuber/vlogger, social media influencer, makeup artist and beauty guru who are popular on and off the internet for his makeup transformation videos. She is from Austin, Texas. She has an older brother. Garza was reportedly born a male/boy to her parents but is now described by many online sources as a girl/trans-woman/trans-female. If this is true, this turn of events in her life is not strange, considering the industry she is carving out a career in. Garza did not explain something about her sexual identity. It can’t be an issue to talk about while she is extremely talented. She amazed her fans and followers with her creativity. Antonio Garza created her YouTube channel on the 26th of January 2014. She, however, didn’t upload any content on the channel until 4 years had passed. Her first video on the channel was uploaded in early 2018, precisely on the 4th of February. The video “Valentines Heart Cut Crease Makeup Look” which garnered millions of views within the couple of months that followed after its upload. She is a fast-rising YouTube sensation who went viral with a little period of time. Her self-titled channel has earned over 3.3 million subscribers. It’s quiz time. Let’s see what else do you know about her?

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How well do you know about Antonio Garza Quiz : Test Trivia

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