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Are You Bisexual? (For girls)

Are You Bisexual? (For girls)
Cant figure it out? This quiz may not be a tell tale sign but it can be pretty helpful!
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Quiz Questions And Answers

No...well...maybe once...
Totally! I think about it all the time
No! Never!
Say yes of course!
Agree to go out on one date and see how it goes.
Probably not...
Definitely not!
Yeah once but I never told her.
I'm not sure...
Yeah! She's totally awesome!
I'm bored.
I am questioning my sexuality.
I'm gay AF and just think these are funny.
I already know my sexuality I'm just passing time.
Thank them for trusting me and support them.
Tell them its great news, secretly happy that you might have a chance with them.
Call them a fag and never talk to them again.
Say OK and move on.

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