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Sherlock Quiz | How Well You Remember The Genius Detective
Everybody loves crime thrillers, 'Sherlock' is filled with all the crime thrilling action you can think of and more
How Much You Remember The Witcher | Quiz
Filled with fantasy and adventure 'The Witcher' is an original Netflix series based on the novel of the same name. It follows the Journey of an infamous bounty hunter
Which Guardians Of The Galaxy Character Am I? Quiz
Guardians Of The Galaxy is a superhero movie franchise produced by Marvel comics. It revolves around a team of superhero vigilantes who risk everything to protect the whole universe from various threats powerful enough to wipe out the whole universe. The series consists of prominent MCU characters, if you loved the movie take this personality quiz to know which Guardian are you.
Which FRIENDS Female Character Am I?
Friend is the most beloved and repeatedly watched series available out there. The show revolves aroun the life of six bachelor best buddies who liv in New York city and struggle with their day to day life like everyone one of us does. Along with the male counter parts the show consists to equally prominent female characters with which you will surely relate your self. Take the quiz and find out which notorious female character from the series are you.
Which Captain America Character Am I? | Quiz
Captain America is a Hollywood movie franchise produced by Marvel Studios under their banner and included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The movie series revolves around the life of a weakling turned super-soldier Captain America and how he turned out to be the first Avengers. The movie consists of several prominent characters of the (MCU). If you want to know which character are you from the famous series take this personality quiz now.
Which Iron-Man Character Am I? | Quiz
Iron-Man series is the most beloved movie series in the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe and that to because of its characters. The movie consists of various characters completely differnet and yet so connected to each other. If you are an Iron-man fan take the personality quiz and test which character from the beloved superhero franchise are you.
Friends Quiz | Which Friends Character Am I?
No one knows how funny or complicated life can be, the show follows the simple yet so complicated life of six best friends as they face the day to day struggles in life and try to cope with everything. If you loved the show and it's heart warming characters take this personality quiz to ext which
Guardians Of Galaxy Vol 2 Movie Quiz
The journey of the Guardians continues, they were being attacked by the Sovereign when Quill's real father bursts in to save them. Later Quill realises that he's a half celestial a being of unknown origin but things turn ugly when the team finds out that his father 'Ego' was only using Quill to dominate the whole universe. The team fights the bloody monster and saves the galaxy once again.
Guardians Of Galaxy Movie Quiz | How Well You Remember The Galaxy's Protector
A human boy is abducted from earth by aliens who later becomes a bounty hunter and comes across the most powerful weapon there is the 'Power stone'. He run into another bounty hunters and they come togeteher to form a band of misfits to to fight evil and save the Galaxy.
Captain America Civil War Movie Quiz
After defeating Ultron Captain and his team is on a mission in Sokovia when things go wrong and civilians die because of their mistake, because of this the United Nations proposes to keep the 'Avengers' under their command to which Tony agrees but Captain refuses and the Avengers are divided. Captain becomes a fugitive and Tony tries to stop him and his team and The Avengers end up in a Civil War among themselves. Later, Tony finds out that Bucky killed his parents and Captain knew about this, they end up fighting each other which breaks their bond.
Six Underground Movie Quiz
An unknown tech genius and Billionaire businessman is doing charity for the sake of his social image when suddenly the people are attacked and massacred in front of him by their ruthless dictator, this devastates him and he decides to take the matter in his own hands and eliminate the cruel tyrant of Turgistan and liberate the people. He forms a group of mercenaries and fakes his and their deaths to go off the record and pull off the job which the leading nations refuse to do.
Iron Man 3 Movie Quiz
Everybody\'s beloved Iron Man is suffering from severe trauma after the New York battle, he is sleeplessly producing armours with various abilities and currently working on his new armour which response to his nervous system. Amidst all this, humanity is facing a new threat, a terrorist going by the name Mandarin who attacks Tony\'s home in order to kill him but he survives and ends up in a distant rural area. He makes his way to the Mandarin and reveals his true identity and finds that it was all Killian\'s doing and his objective was to kill the president and take revenge from Tony. Tony protects the president while ending Killian in a struggling battle and saves the day.
Iron Man 2 Movie Quiz
Billionaire superhero Iron Man is suffering from blood toxicity which is being caused by the arc reactor in his chest the very thing which is keeping him alive, meanwhile, a man named Ivan recreates Tony\'s arc reactor and uses its powers to take revenge from Tony. Tony manages to cure himself of the toxin by creating a whole new element and along with his best friend James Rhodes defeats Ivan and stops his evil plan from taking place. Test your memory and take the quiz to know how much you remember about Marvel\'s most loved billionaire superhero.
Black Panther Movie Quiz
Following his father's death, T'Challa is the now the new Black Panther and the new leader of Wakanda, a technologically advanced country which keeps its real identity hidden. Things were going smooth until T'Challas cousin brother Erik Killmonger arrives and challenges T'Challa for the throne and defeats him. Black Panther's life is saved by his old enemy who was returning the favour and T'Challa again fights back to get back his throne and stop Killmonger's evil plans of world domination.
Friends Quiz | How Well Do You Remembers The Characters From Friends
Six friends sticking to each other's side together on a rollercoaster called life. The shows follow the story of six best friends as they go through various ups and downs in life. It is filled with exceptionally humorous characters who will make you laugh so hard that you may even cry laughing. If you love laughing and sarcastic jokes take the quiz to know how well you remember the funny incidents of the show.
Spider-Man Far From Home Movie Quiz
Peter is shattered after Tony's deat and is trying to continue his superhero life. He is on a trip to Europe but his vacation is hijacked by Nick Fury who has a mission for him. he work along side a new super hero called mysterious who turns out to be the evil guy with an intention of world domination. Peters fights against him, beats him in his own game and saves the day
Spider Man Homecoming Movie Quiz
Peter Parker is just another smart high school teen but his life takes a huge turn when a radioactive spider bites him and he somehow now possess superpowers which he uses to fight local crime till he crosses paths with a gang producing and selling unusual weapons using alien technology. Now, it's completely up-to peter to stop them and save his city and people he cares about. Test how much you remember about the movie by taking the quiz and don't forget to share your result.
Captain America The Winter Soldier Movie Quiz
The story of Captain America continues, it's been two years since the new york battle and Captain is trying to fit in this new world. He is a full-time S.H.I.E.L.D agent now and works for them for the betterment of humanity but the tables turn completely when he finds out that since it's beginning S.H.I.E.LD is infiltrated by the same old evil organization HYDRA which he fought against in the World War and his best friend which he thought was dead is a supersoldier like him and is working along them to bring destruction. If you are a true fan of this movie take the quiz a check how well you remember it and don't forget to share your score with your friends.
Captain America The First Avenger Movie Quiz
Steve Rogers is a brave and courageous man whose only aim is to sever his country and fight against the nazi in World War 2 but due to his physical disabilities he can not join the arym but his life takes a turn when he is introduced to the supersoldier program and he is the test subject. He is injected with the supersoldier serum which grants him
Iron Man Movie Quiz
Spoiled billionaire boy \'Tony Stark\'s life turns upside down when he is kidnapped by a group of terrorists and forced to produce weapons for them, using weapons produced by his own company as raw materials. He gets away from them, shuts down weapon productions and suits up as a vigilante superhero called Iron Man to fight the bad guys and protect the world. If you are a fan of Iron Man take the quiz to know how much actually know about the billionaire Superhero.