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What Demigod power do You Have
Demigod are part god part mortal. Depending on their godly parent they usually have certain personality or power. There are many powers but what is your demigod power? Can you summon water or lightning or can you charmspeak your enemies? Are you super smart or can you summon fire? Take this quiz to
Would You Make A Good Teacher?
Teaching is hard work that is severely underappreciated. Good teachers are hard to find. Would you make a good teacher?
Do You Know How Do Dress Plus-Size?
this test give you an insight about a dress sense for a plus-size person.
How Xennial Are You?
Are you wondering if you're in Xennial generation? Take this quiz to find out!
What does your Wand look like? Harry Potter Wand Quiz
<strong>What does your Wand look like? Harry Potter Wand Quiz</strong> , all of you Potter heads out there will have spent a long time imagining what life would be like if the wizarding world of <strong>Harry Potter, Harry Potter Quiz</strong> became reality. <br></br>what would my wand look like, A big part of that involves figuring out which Harry Potter wand you’d be most likely to adopt. Not sure which suits you best? Take the quiz! <br></br>What pattern would you have on your wand? Something like tree bark that resembles the type of wood. Fussy, rounded or spirally parts - maybe a jewel or more. Nothing much, a flat edge perhaps. <br></br><strong>Wands come in different lengths and they are made up of some type of wood - perhaps holly, vine, ash, willow, elder, hawthorn, cypress, rosewood, cherry or mahogany - as well as a core component</strong> - perhaps phoenix feather, unicorn tail hair, dragon heartstring, Thestral tail hair, horned serpent horn,
personality test
plan out your entire day and we'll tell you what kind of person you are, this will go a longer way in knowing the kind of person you are. try this