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Ben Hur Mendez Sanchez
Guess the Kpop Group by it's Member
guess the kpop group by the member.

Are you familiar with K-pop groups? Can you guess the groups based on its members? K-pop groups are trendy these days, so I know that a lot of people will find the quiz really interesting. Do you know who BTS are or EXO? Well, if you do, then don’t hesitate to start this quiz and see your knowledge of k-pop groups. But, before we start with the quiz let’s talk about k-pop. K-pop is a genre of famous music beginning in South Korea. While the advanced type of K-pop can be followed back to the mid-90s, the term itself has been promoted since the 2000s, supplanting the term Gayo, which additionally alludes to residential popular music in South Korea. The word Kpop means ‘Korean popular music,’ and there are a lot of influential groups who known worldwide. So, who are the most prominent k-pop groups in 2019? Highlighting new kid on the block groups and more established bands making rebounds, this rundown of the best present boy bands and girl bands incorporates artists releasing new music in 2019. Which Korean favorite bands do you believe are ruling 2019? Falling off a dangerous year in 2018, BTS is dropping another album in spring, which is sure to top the graphs upon release. Blockberry Creative girl group Loona is relied upon to have a significant year in 2019, just as 2018 new kid on the block gathering (G)I-DLE, who cleared all the Best New Artist grants. Other famous Kpop bunches in 2019 incorporate Blackpink, Seventeen, Red Velvet, and iKON. Do you know these groups?