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Pranshoo Singh
General Awareness 73
General Awareness Questions for Bank Clerk
Reasoning 72
General Awareness Questions
Current affairs 71
IBPS, SBI, RBI Banking Current Affairs Questions
Reasoning 70
General Knowledge and curren affairs Quiz
Reasoning 69
General Knowledge Quiz for Bank Clerk Exam
Reasoning 68
General Awareness & General Knowledge for Bank Exams
Reasoning 67
Analogy Verbal Reasoning Questions
Reasoning 66
General Awareness Questions
General Knowledge 65
Banking General Knowledge Questions.
Reasoning 64
General Awareness Questions
Indian culture 63
Indian culture questions
General knowledge 62
Banking General Knowledge Questions.
Indian culture 61
Indian culture questions
Reasoning 60
Computer 59
Computer Science Gate Question Papers with Answers pdf - 1
Computer 58
Top 200+ DBMS Quiz Questions and Answers - 1
Computer 57
DBMS MCQ Questions and Answers
Computer 56
DBMS Practical Viva Questions and Answers
Computer 55
DBMS Online Test | Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams -
Computer 54
Database Management System Mcq Questions with Answers - 1