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Nashra Waqar
The Chemical Element Astatine - Quiz test
With an average atomic mass of 210,the chemical element astatine is the rarest naturally occurring element in the earth\'s crust. It occurs only as a decay product of heavier elements, hence it is radioactive.
Geothermal Energy Quiz Questions and Answers
How much do you know about Geothermal energy? Do you think you know enough to pass this quiz? The subject may be interesting for you. Geothermal energy is the heat developed within the subsurface of the earth. Water or steam carries the geothermal energy to the earth’s surface. Take this quiz and test your understanding of geothermal energy.
Clean fuel Hydrogen Quiz
Hydrogen can be produced from a variety of domestic resources, such as natural gas, nuclear power, biomass, and renewable power like solar and wind.
Specific Heat quiz
Specific heat, the quantity of heat required to raise the temperature of one gram of a substance by one Celsius degree. The units of specific heat are usually calories or joules per gram per Celsius degree.
Energy And Energy Transfer Quiz: How Much You Know About Energy And Energy Transfer
Energy transfer is the process by which energy is relocated from one system to another, for example, through the transfer of heat, work or mass transfer.
Geography quiz - On Dams and Rivers
Dams and rivers tend to go together. For this quiz, you ought to be aware of where all the different dams are located. A dam is a barricade that stops the flow of water or underground streams. A river naturally flows towards an ocean, sea, lake, or another river. Taking this quiz will teach you about dams and rivers.
Upland limestone quiz
Upland limestone produces distinctive features which can be used for industry, farming, recreation and tourism. Land use conflicts can often arise and solutions must deal with these conflicts.
Geography quiz - About the British Isles
The British Isles are a group of islands in the North Atlantic off the north-western coast of continental Europe, consisting of the islands of Great Britain, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Hebrides and over six thousand smaller islands.This Geography quiz has been created to test your knowledge about the different islands and its historical dates. So, let\'s try out the quiz.
Sustainable development - Quiz test
Sustainable development is a organizing principle for meeting human development goals while simultaneously sustaining the ability of natural systems to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services on which the economy and society depend.
Rivers Standard Grade Bitesize - Geography Quiz
As a living being on this planet called "Earth", water is one of the most important element for us to survive. Without water, the life wouldn\'t have been possible, at least for us. This is ultimate quiz on rivers and water is here to test your knowledge on how well you know about rivers and water bodies. These questions are not too difficult but not easy either. Just play this quiz and you will not only have fun, but you will also be able to gather some extra knowledge from this quiz!
Global Population - Quiz test
Each year on July 11, the world celebrates the World Population day – an annual event that seeks to raise awareness of the global population and the issues surrounding it. It was introduced in 1989 by the United Nations Development Programme.
Landscape Unlocked - Quiz
This is a test on basic geology how landforms are made, volcanoes, uplift, weathering, erosion, and the rock cycle.
Environmental Hazards Quiz test
Think you are a whiz when it comes to green trivia? Would you like to prove your knowledge. This quiz can be of great assistance. Check out our online quiz and find out how much you know about the environment and its problems, like global warming, increasing waste on the planet, etc.
GCSE Bitesize: Geography Quiz
India is situated north of the equator between 8°4\' north to 37°6\' north latitude and 68°7\' east to 97°25\' east longitude. It is the seventh-largest country in the world, with a total area of 3,287,263 square kilometres. India measures 3,214 km from north to south and 2,933 km from east to west.
Development and Health Quiz
There are five significant phases in human growth and development, Infancy (neonate and up to one year age) Toddler ( one to five years of age) Childhood (three to eleven years old) - early childhood is from three to eight years old, and middle childhood is from nine to eleven years old.
GCSE Bitesize: Geography Quiz
What is the geography of India? Do you think you can pass this quiz? With this quiz, you need to recognize the boundary line between India and China, what is a narrow channel of the sea that divides two landmasses, where does China rank as far as its size, what hemisphere does India lie, and what is the tropic of cancer. This quiz will put your high score on the map.
Costline Quiz
The coast, also known as the coastline or seashore, is defined as the area where land meets the sea or ocean, or as a line that forms the boundary between the land and the ocean or a lake.
GCSE Bitesize - Geography quiz | Geological time
The geologic time scale is a system of chronological dating that classifies geological strata in time. It is used by geologists, paleontologists, and other Earth scientists to describe the timing and relationships of events in geologic history.
GCSE Bitesize - Geography quiz | Geographical information systerm
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that analyzes and displays geographically referenced information. It uses data that is attached to a unique location.
Standard Grade Bitesize - Geography Quiz
In addition to presenting geographic features and political boundaries, many atlases often feature geopolitical, social, religious and economic statistics. They also have information about the map and places in it.