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Sophia Loren
Rahul Dravid Quiz Indian best Cricketer
Rahul Dravid quiz
Do I Know Sachin Tendulkar? Quiz Test
Sachin Tendulkar Quiz, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is an Indian former international cricketer and a former captain of the Indian national team. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen in the history of cricket.
Am I Powerful?
Check out the power, Am I Powerful? quiz for fun
Indian History! Quiz | History of India
Our country India have great history associated with english lets check how far you crack your knowledge?
Hy! Scientist***Quiz.| How much do you know about scientist
In this countless peoples world the people who are working in big scientific institute are not only the genius ones.But lots of others too are capable
What will my wife look like Quiz | Your Wife Quiz
What will my wife look like Quiz | Your Wife Quiz | Your Wife Look Like Quiz Now a days so many of our youngster and relatives are spending their life in just gesturing about that how their marriage life and partner will be. Most people want to know What will my wife look like, So they play this quiz and find out the some results, These all are fun related. Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed about how my future spouse would look like, how our wedding would be, the venue and every little detail. Nowadays, so many of our youngster and relatives are spending their life in just gesturing about how their marriage life and partner will be. The idea of spending the rest of your life with someone can be scary and fun at the same purpose. But, who will that person be? Will your personalities match so you would live happily ever after for the rest of your life? A bride dreams about her wedding from childhood. She pictures the groom, the people, the festivities, the colors, everything that has to do with marriage has been going through her head since she was a child. And the groom just wants to have some fun. But, we know a lot of guys out there dream about the same thing. We know they dream about it; however, everyone has their different perception of their wedding day and their bride. Some want something romantic, some want wedding destination, and some want something simple like a secret courthouse marriage. Even though many of you haven’t thought about that, we are sure that right now you are thinking about that. Now, take some minutes to think about what do you want to do on your special day and after that get back to this quiz and see how your future wife will look like. Do you like the results?
India's First Quiz | India First Personality Quiz
Since In 1947 India get Independence .After this the whole country would be re established by the leaders.Every thing would be considered First!
GOVERNMENT Body Quiz | Indian Ministry Quiz
India is a democratic country and in that after every 5 year a new government will be form.So lets check how much you aware about the present gov.
Branches of science and their studies! Quiz**
At present we are involved in studying different things. As the material becomes wider there is a need of classification of different branches.
The Acidic Life!
Acids- commonly we know that acids are harmful but this is not correct all the time so lets start know how acidic our life is and how useful they are!