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Adam Piterson
Little Women Quiz | Little Women Movie Quiz | Little Women Film Quiz
While the March sisters enter the threshold of womanhood, they go through many ups and downs in life and endeavour to make important decisions that can affect their future.
The Blair Witch Project Quiz | The Blair Witch Project Movie Quiz | The Blair Witch Project Film Quiz
Three students decide to go into the Maryland backwoods to cover the mystery behind the Blair Witch incidents. However, they lose their map and things take an unexpected turn.
October Sky Quiz | October Sky Movie Quiz | October Sky Film Quiz
Homer Hickam, a coal miner\\\'s son, gets inspired to build rockets when he hears about the first artificial satellite Sputnik being launched into space, even though he faces resistance from his father.
Never Been Kissed Quiz | Never Been Kissed Movie Quiz | Never Been Kissed Film Quiz
Josie, an editor, must go undercover at a high school to prepare a report on the lives of the students. However, she finds it difficult to fit in and school life brings back some unpleasant memories.
Go Quiz | Go Movie Quiz | Go Film Quiz
Three people working in a supermarket get involved in a drug deal just before Christmas time. They must find a way to get out of this mess as it can ruin their lives for good.
She\'s All That Quiz | She\'s All That Movie Quiz | She\'s All That Film Quiz
When high school jock Zach is dumped by his queen-bee girlfriend, he makes a bet with his friends to take geeky Laney and make her prom queen. What he did not bet on was falling in love with her.
10 Things I Hate About You Quiz | 10 Things I Hate About You Movie Quiz | 10 Things I Hate About You Film Quiz
A high-school boy, Cameron, cannot date Bianca until her anti-social older sister, Kat, has a boyfriend. So, Cameron pays a mysterious boy, Patrick, to charm Kat.
The Boondock Saints Quiz | The Boondock Saints Movie Quiz | The Boondock Saints Film Quiz
Tired of the crime overrunning the streets of Boston, Irish Catholic twin brothers Conner (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Murphy (Norman Reedus) are inspired by their faith to cleanse their hometown of evil with their own brand of zealous vigilante justice.
Magnolia Quiz | Magnolia Movie Quiz | Magnolia Film Quiz
Earl Partridge and Jimmy Gator, both afflicted with cancer, work together on a TV show. They both live in dysfunctional families, which affects their personal and professional lives.
The World Is Not Enough Quiz | The World Is Not Enough Movie Quiz | The World Is Not Enough Film Quiz
Bond is entrusted with the responsibility of protecting the daughter of an oil tycoon. While on his mission, he learns about an even more dangerous plot.
Man on the Moon Quiz | Man on the Moon Movie Quiz | Man on the Moon Film Quiz
This film is a biographical journey of the late comedian, Andy Kaufman highlighting the struggles, success and the various roles he played in his life to his downfall, due to cancer.
Anna and the King Quiz | Anna and the King Movie Quiz | Anna and the King Film Quiz
Anna, a teacher assigned to teach King Mongkut\'s children, finds her life changing when she falls in love with the king.
The Haunting Quiz | The Haunting Movie Quiz | The Haunting Film Quiz
Dr Marrow enlists Theo, Luke and Nell for a study of sleep disorders at the Hill House. As soon as the terrifying truth about the mansion is revealed, everyone is found fighting for their lives.
Any Given Sunday Quiz | Any Given Sunday Movie Quiz | Any Given Sunday Film Quiz
A veteran football coach whilst dealing with his team\'s losses and internal conflicts must also confront his own fallout with the team\'s owner.
Dogma Quiz | Dogma Movie Quiz | Dogma Film Quiz
Two fallen angels who were ejected from paradise find themselves banned in Wisconsin. They are now headed for New Jersey where they find a loophole that can get them back into heaven. The only catch is that it will destroy humanity.
Mystery Men Quiz | Mystery Men Movie Quiz | Mystery Men Film Quiz
A group of aspiring superheroes repeatedly fail to protect their city due to their ineptitude. However, they soon get another chance to prove themselves when a mysterious villain rises to power.
Wild Wild West Quiz | Wild Wild West Movie Quiz | Wild Wild West Film Quiz
Special Agent Jim West and inventive US Marshal Artemus Gordon are ordered by President Ulysses Grant to team up to save the world from Dr Arliss Loveless\\\'s enormous steam-powered tarantula.
Drop Dead Gorgeous Quiz | Drop Dead Gorgeous Movie Quiz | Drop Dead Gorgeous Film Quiz
An annual beauty pageant in small-town Minnesota turns ridiculously competitive and ultimately chaotic in this biting comedy. Amber Atkins (Kirsten Dunst), the daughter of hard-drinking mom Annette (Ellen Barkin), and Becky Leeman (Denise Richards), who is motivated by her former beauty-queen mother.
Office Space Quiz | Office Space Movie Quiz | Office Space Film Quiz
Peter, a software engineer, is tired of his boring job and makes a vengeful plan with two of his friends to plant a virus in his company\\\'s system.
Smart House Quiz | Smart House Movie Quiz | Smart House Film Quiz
A 13 year old boy wins a computerized home manned by a cyborg maid named PAT. While tinkering with PAT\'s program, he sets in motion a wife (and mother)-like nagging robot.