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What kind of sausage are you?
Are you sausage like in your tendencies and not even know it? Could taking this quiz save your life? Does taking this quiz really matter in the grand scheme of things.
Which kind of elephant are you?
Which kind of elephant are you? this quiz will tell you and your personality type! You might get Heffalumps or Pink Elephants, maybe even dumbo or an Asian/African elephant. Take this quiz to find out.
What's my Monster Name?
Would u like to know it. Have u ever wondered what your monster name was Maybe you have but couldn't come up with a name Take this quiz to find out.
What is your biggest flaw?
Take this quiz to find out, along with some helpful advice on how to improve if you want to do that. There are ten flaws in all that this quiz measures. Thanks for your interest!
What African Animal Are You?
There are hundreds of awesome animals that live in Africa. Out of all of them, which one would you be? Take this quiz to find out.
What Dragon Are You From How To Train Your Dragon 2? Quiz
Everyone loves "How To Train Your Dragon 2" and want to know what dragon they ... Well, I did too and now, I have made a quiz about which dragon you are.
What Tail Would YOU Wag?
What kind of dog are you? Well, are you witty? Are you brave or devoted? Are you a leader or a follower? With the five breeds set out for you , along with plenty
What Medieval warrior are you?
Medieval armies were composed of different kinds of warriors. ... Take this quiz and you will realize what warrior you might have been had you lived in those
What Role would you have in a Wolf Pack?
And some people just have a true wild side! But where ... Join me on this quiz adventure and quest with me to find out where you would be in a wolf pack!
What type of partier are you?
There are all kinds of partiers. So how do YOU party? Are you a wild-child at heart and the life of the party, or do you prefer a small group of close friends. Take this quiz to find out.