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As we all know hundreds of dynasties rose in inidia from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Here we are going to play the quiz related to one of the southern dynasty known as pallava dynasty.The pallava dynasty had rose in the southern part of India in 275 EC and ruled over to 897EC. The major conflict of the dynasty remains with the cholas over the issue of thorn. So let's play this entertaining quiz.
The earth and the solar system!
Our solar system is near about 4.6 million year old. There are presently 8 planets we have in our solar system. This is most first topic we all studied in our classes. But the developments in this field are continuously talking place so we need to recall it by playing this entertaingng quiz let's recall and check our basics. So letss play!!
How well you know about electric cell?
In our day to day life we all are using electricity and further using devices which ones get charge and then we are able to use them for a long period of time. It becomes possible due to the invention of cell. Which converts electric energy into chemical and vice versa. So let's play this quiz and know something exciting.
How well do you know digestive enzymes?
Digestive enzymes are the proteins that are used in breaking down of large molecules of carbohydrates fats and others. Actually the body is unable to digest all the food completely so for this different glands secrets different enzymes and juices which makes the digestion process easier and Faster. So let play this quiz and try to find out some basic information about these.
work and energy !
Actually after the introduction of force in physics world, the curiosity for its application was on its peak and the concept of work made it finalized the actual use of this concept .This is one of the most important concept of the human life. Which just change the way of thinking. work is done on an object when you transfer energy to that object. If one object transfers energy to a second object, then the first object does work on the second object.. So lets play this quiz and try to increase the knowledge.
How much you know your blood?
Blood is one of the most important part of a human body. It helps in transferring essential products to the different body organs. like oxygen to blood,waste materials to kidney and also help in fighting different diseases with the help of WBC and RBC. it helps in proper functioning of heart and inter relate different organs of the body with each other. So let's check your knowledge about this essential part of the human body.
How much you know cell cycle?
We study lot of biology in our school and we all are well informed about the term cell. So let's move to recall it again. Cell cycle is a process in which the cell grows completely by passing through different stages. After the division of cell a complete new cell form and known as a daughter cell. So if you are student then it will go for you at a next level of experience. Take this challenge and compete with you own. Let's playyy!
How much you know electric circuit?
Since 18th century after the invention of electricity by Sir banjamin Franklin it becomes the essential part of the human life. With the passing decades innovations in this field are taking place. but do you guys ever wonder how this electric current flow. Ohh I know you are answering through wire, but let me help you to recall for further, the electric circuit which is when completed only then the electric current flow. So let's increase your knowledge by playing this basic but especially scientific quiz. Let's playyy!
How well do you know Indian cricket team?
With the passage of time the interest of the people from all over the world continue to increase. Especially if talk about cricket then it have a separate and the world's largest fane base. Peoples are just insane for it. Talking about the Asian countries like India people just have an immense craz for it. So let's check by this quiz How well do you know about the Indian cricket team.
How well do you know about Joe Biden?
USA have one of the oldest democracy and known for its power in the whole world and the one in whose hands all that powe have is the president of the United States of America, the first person of the state. Recently in the election Joe Biden has manage to won the election. So let's check through this quiz how well fou you know about the most powerful person of United States of America.
First among Indian!
India is a country which is the best example of unity in diversity. India is know for for its tradition, ancient culture also for its film industries. India gives many legend to the world and these legends start walking on the path to make India Great. After getting independence on August 15 1947 india have to walk alone for its future and today indians proved their abilities, by how they are making their country's progress. But it's all started by someone in different fields. Here in this quiz let's check how well do you know those indian Who first took the initiatives by Playing this interesting quiz..
The U.S.A constitution..!
Today is the era of democracy. Most the countries system running democratically. So how these democratic government and systems work. Do you ever wonder to know thing what make a country democratic or what's the main pillar of these democratic systems.The only you would get is the constitution of these countries. It is a written document in which all the rule and regulation including the rights and duties of the countries citizens depicted. So here in this quiz you guys are going to know some interesting features of the us constitution. If you want to be a responsible citizen then you have a chance to check your rights and duties easily. Here we got know much about us constitution. So let's play this interesting and entertaining quiz.
How well do you know about your fundamental rights?
Every citizen is free to move, to eat, to speak, to express its opinions, to criticise the wrong in their country. So do you guys ever think how a citizen have access to all these? Here the term comes in action called fundamental rights, through these fundamental rights only a citizen can do all the above activities. Different countries have various rights in their fundamental list. Here we are talking about the fundamental rights provided by the Indian constitution to its citizens. These fRs are available in the IIIRd part of the constitution.
How well do you know U.S presidents?
The president of the United States is the head of the state and head of the government of United States, indirectly elected to a 4-year term by the people through the electrol College.The officeholder leads the executive branch of the federal government and is the commander in chief of the United States armed forces .Since the office was established in 1789 ,44 men have served as the president .The first George Washington,won a unanimous vote of the electrol college .The presidency of William Henry Harrison who died 31 days after taking office in 1841 was the shortest in America n history.So let's try to check yours and ours knowledge about these outstanding figures by plying this informative and interesting quiz...hope you people enjoy..!
School Time..!
since from early classes the student starts hearing about different and interesting topics,among all these ,the one we hear is science and in it electron, protons, cathode anode etc and after learning all thiss the student has found himself in a different.So through this quiz we would try to bring uhh back in those wonderful days..!
Social reformers>!
Indian society was suffering from social evils like caste system untouchability, supperssion, superatitions. so to change the society many reformers comes in the country .Lets check .. !
World of Insects..!
Today is the world of queries where human being mind is full of how and here is an informative quiz about world of insects for uh..!